Recently, Senior Writer Jayson Stark conducted a survey for Baseball America. Stark asked the question “Who are the 10 ‘must-see’ starting pitchers in baseball?” To get an answer, he asked for five names each from a total of 19 scouts

Finishing in a tie for fourth place with eight total votes was American Association alumnus Max Scherzer (pictured, Fort Worth 2007). Here’s what Stark had to say:

“Scherzer wound up getting more votes in this survey than his partner in Cy Young Motown crime, Justin Verlander. Yeah, I know it’s a small sample. But it’s also dead-on, in the case of a guy who now consistently blows away hitters with a 95 mph smokeball, 85 mph change and 78 mph curveball. 

‘He’s ahead of Verlander,’ one scout said. ‘He’s been ahead for maybe a year and a half.’

Among the other reviews: ‘I love the way he dominates hitters. And knowing what his background is, how much he’s improved and how far he’s come, I appreciate that.’…’It is high-octane pitching, leaving nothing in the tank. I’m not sure if it is the elite fastball, the dual-colored eyes or the intensity, (but) he has plenty of reason to watch.’




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