Currently in MLB

Anthony Bender

Miami Marlins

(Sioux City 2019, Milwaukee 2020)

John Brebbia

San Francisco Giants

(Sioux Falls 2014, Laredo 2015)

Jake Cousins

Milwaukee Brewers

(Chicago 2020)

Tyler Danish

Boston Red Sox

(Sioux Falls 2020)

Drew Hutchison

Detroit Tigers

(Milwaukee 2020)

Chris Martin

Los Angeles Dodgers

(Grand Prairie 2010)

Matzek Smaller

Atlanta Braves

(Texas 2018-19)

Connor Overton

Cincinnati Reds

(Sioux City 2016)

James Paxton

Boston Red Sox

(Grand Prairie 2010)

David Peralta

Tampa Bay Rays

(Wichita 2012, Amarillo 2013)

Max Scherzer

New York Mets

(Fort Worth 2007)

Tayler Scott

San Diego Padres

(Sioux City 2016)

Eric Stout

Pittsburgh Pirates

(Kansas City 2019, 2021, Chicago 2020)

Thielbar Smaller 2

Minnesota Twins

(St. Paul 2011, 2016-17)

Currently in Foreign Major Leagues

Adam Brett Walker

Adam Brett Walker


Tokyo Giants, Japan

(Kansas City 2018, Milwaukee 2019-21)

Aaron Wilkerson

Aaron Wilkerson


Hanshin Tigers, Japan

(Grand Prairie 2013-14)

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