Former American Association umpires are well represented on umpire rosters across the affiliated Minor Leagues in 2017.

23 umpire graduates of the American Association have worked their way into affiliated ball, including four in the Class AAA Pacific Coast League, just one step from Major League Baseball. That quartet includes Blake Felix, Lee Meyers, Clay Park and Ron Teague (pictured).

Five more umpires are making calls in Class AA in 2017. Brock Ballou, Travis Godec and Ben Sontaag are assigned to the Class AA Southern League, while Rich Grassa and Ben Levin work in the Class AA Eastern League.

Two Class A Advanced leagues boast American Association umpires for 2017, as Justin Anderson is assigned to the Class A Advanced California League, and Michael Carroll works across the country in the Class A Advanced Florida State League.

An additional quartet of umpires are assigned to Class A leagues. Sam Burch represents the American Association in the South Atlantic League, while James Folske, Darius Ghani and Randy Wilmes all arbiter contests of the Midwest League.

Harrison Silverman will work in the upcoming Northwest League season. The Northwest League is a Short Season Class A league.

The upcoming Rookie League seasons will also showcase American Association umpiring alumni, with Matt Herrera and Mitch Wilson assigned to the Arizona League, Taylor Payne in the Gulf Coast League, and Lance Selheimer and Tyler Thurmond working in the Appalachian League.

Lastly, AJ Choc and Jordan Sandberg are awaiting assignment for 2017.

The American Association’s Director of Umpires is Kevin Winn.



Justin Anderson – California League (A+)
Brock Ballou – Southern League (AA)
Sam Burch – South Atlantic League (A)
Michael Carroll – Florida State League (A+)
Blake Felix – Pacific Coast League (AAA)
James Folske – Midwest League (A)
Darius Ghani – Midwest League (A)
Travis Godec – Southern League (AA)
Rich Grassa – Eastern League (AA)
Matt Herrera – Arizona League (Rookie)
Ben Levin – Eastern League (AA)
Lee Meyers – Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Clay Park – Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Taylor Payne – Arizona League (Rookie)
Lance Selhiemer – Gulf Coast League (Rookie)
Harrison Silverman – Northwest League (Short Season A)
Ben Sontaag – Southern League (AA)
Ron Teague – Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Tyler Thurmond – Gulf Coast League (Rookie)
Randy Wilmes – Midwest League (A)
Mitch Wilson – Arizona League (Rookie)
AJ Choc & Jordan Sandberg (awaiting assignment)



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