2022 Playoff Format and Dates


MOORHEAD, MN – As the American Association playoff chase heats up with three weeks remaining in the regular season, much has yet to be determined as the new playoff format has kept all clubs in contention for a post-season berth.

The league’s Board of Directors voted in the fall to expand the 2022 American Association playoff format to include the top four teams from each division, with three rounds to determine the winner of the Miles Wolff Cup. The regular season East and West Division champions will pick their first round Division Playoff Series opponent among the other three playoff teams in their division.

The post-season will begin with four Division Playoff Series on Wednesday, September 7. The best-of-three format will see the lower seed host Game 1. Games 2 and 3 (if necessary) will shift to the home ballpark of the higher seed on September 9 & 10.

Following a travel day, the East and West Division Championship Series get started on Monday, September 12. This round is also a best-of-three format with the lower seed hosting Game 1, with Games 2 and 3 (if necessary) again moving to the home ballpark of the higher seed. Those games will be played on September 14 & 15.

The Miles Wolff Cup Finals open on Saturday, September 17 at the home of the lower seed. Game 2 of the best-of-five series will take place Sunday, September 18. The Wolff Cup Finals shift to the stadium of the higher seed for Games 3, 4 (if necessary) and 5 (if necessary) on September 20-22.

“As we head into the final three weeks of the regular season, we have great races for all four playoff spots in both divisions,” said American Association Commissioner Joshua Schaub. “It will be great theatre as we finish out the regular season and we think our fans will enjoy speculating on who will land where, and who our division champions will choose as their opponents. Our marathon season has now become a sprint and the excitement is palpable.”

All playoff games will be streamed on

Division Playoffs (Best of 3):
Sept. 7 – Game 1 (lower seed)
Sept. 8 – Travel/Rain Day
Sept. 9 – Game 2 (higher seed)
Sept. 10 – Game 3 (if necessary/higher seed)
Sept. 11 – Travel/Rain Day

Division Championship Series (Best of 3):
Sept. 12 – Game 1 (lower seed)
Sept. 13 – Travel/Rain Day
Sept. 14 – Game 2 (higher seed)
Sept. 15 – Game 3 (if necessary/higher seed)
Sept. 16 – Travel/Rain Day

Miles Wolff Cup Finals (Best of 5)
Sept. 17 – Game 1 (lower seed)
Sept. 18 – Game 2 (lower seed)
Sept. 19 – Travel/Rain Day
Sept. 20 – Game 3 (higher seed)
Sept. 21 – Game 4 (if necessary/higher seed)
Sept. 22 – Game 5 ((if necessary/higher seed)


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