2023 Transactions

March 31, 2023

Gary SouthShore: Signed LHP Ben Miller
Kansas City: Traded INF Ryan Grotjohn to High Point (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later
Lincoln: Released LHP Kyle Kinman
Milwaukee: Signed INF Gabriel Cancel
Sioux Falls: Signed INF Trevor Achenbach

March 30, 2023

Chicago: Signed RHP Nick Green and LHP Trevor Lane
Kansas City: Signed INF L.J. Hatch
Lake Country: Signed LHP Ryan Hartman
Lake Country: Released INF Gabriel Noriega

March 29, 2023

Lake Country: Acquired LHP Ryan Hartman from Tri-City (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Lake Country: Signed RHP Drew Minter
Lincoln: Acquired INF Will Kengor from Milwaukee for a player to be named later
Lincoln: Signed INF Will Kengor
Milwaukee: Signed LHP Kyle Huckaby
Milwaukee: Returned the contract of C Dean Nevarez to Unión Laguna (Mexican League).

March 28, 2023

Kansas City: Signed INF Olivier Basabe

March 27, 2023

Cleburne: Signed RHP Joe Corbett

March 24, 2023

Cleburne: Released RHP Kevin McCarthy
Kane County: Signed INF Josh Allen
Lake Country: Signed RHP Jojanse Torres and INF Blake Tiberi

March 23, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Kona Quiggle
Gary SouthShore: Signed OF Jesús Marriaga
Kansas City: Released OF Gaby Guerrero
Lake Country: Traded C Wilfredo Gimenez to Sioux City for INF Blake Tiberi
Sioux City: Signed RHP Francys Peguero

March 22, 2023

Chicago: LHP Kevin Marnon signed with Dos Laredos (Mexican League)
Lake Country: Released LHP Robert Gonzalez
Sioux City: Signed RHP Solomon Bates

March 21, 2023

Milwaukee: Signed OF Reggie Pruitt Jr.

March 20, 2023

Chicago: Signed RHP Aiden McIntyre and RHP Johnathon Tripp
Chicago: Acquired OF Jesus Lujano from Tri-City (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Milwaukee: Traded INF Keon Barnum to New Jersey (Frontier League) for RHP Hansel Rodriguez and a player to be named later
Sioux Falls: Released RHP Riley Ferrell (LS-3)

March 17, 2023

Kansas City: Signed RHP Jalen Miller
Winnipeg: Signed INF Chris Burgess, LHP R.J. Martinez and INF Keith Torres

March 16, 2023

Chicago: Traded INF K.C. Hobson to Southern Maryland (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later
Chicago: Signed OF Nick Heath

March 15, 2023

Kansas City: Signed RHP Grant Gavin
Sioux Falls: Signed OF Hunter Clanin
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Marc-André Habeck

March 14, 2023

Kansas City: Signed OF Micker Adolfo
Lake Country: Signed RHP Mike Shawaryn
Lincoln: Signed RHP Josh Roeder and OF Cam Touchette
Milwaukee: Transferred the contract of LHP Ben Holmes to the Chicago White Sox

March 13, 2023

Cleburne: Traded RHP Jalen Evans to Billings (Pioneer League) for a player to be named later
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Carlos Rincón
Lake Country: Signed C Austin Elder
Lincoln: Released OF Welington Dotel

March 10, 2023

Lake Country: Traded OF Lamar Briggs to Tri-City (Frontier League) for C Austin Elder
Lake Country: Traded RHP Greg Veliz to Tri-City (Frontier League) to complete a previous transaction
Lincoln: Traded OF Randy Norris to High Point (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later
Lincoln: Acquired OF Cam Touchette from Gateway (Frontier League) for future considerations
Lincoln: Signed C Zack Miller
Sioux Falls: Released INF Zane Gurwitz
Winnipeg: Released INF Kevin Lachance and OF Jacob Rhinesmith

March 9, 2023

Cleburne: Signed OF London Green
Fargo-Moorhead: Released RHP Ben Allison
Gary SouthShore: Signed OF Francisco Del Valle
Kansas City: Signed RHP Patrick Weigel
Lake Country: Signed OF Nick Banks
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Peyton Gray
Sioux City: Signed RHP Abel Adames
Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Jerryell Rivera

March 8, 2023

Chicago: Signed LHP James Reeves
Gary SouthShore: Acquired OF Francisco Del Valle from New York (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Kansas City: Signed LHP Jeff Singer
Sioux City: Signed OF Chase Harris
Sioux City: Released INF Ademar Rifaela
Sioux Falls: Released OF Kona Quiggle

March 7, 2023

Kansas City: Released C Alexis Olmeda and RHP Frank Rubio
Kansas City: Traded RHP Brock Gilliam to Ogden (Pioneer League) for cash
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Frankie Bartow
Winnipeg: Signed INF Jacob Bockelie and LHP Rob Klinchock

March 6, 2023

Chicago: Signed C Ryan Lidge
Cleburne: Signed RHP Chandler Casey and RHP Joe Shaw
Cleburne: Traded INF Jacob Bockelie to Winnipeg for a player to be named later
Kansas City: Signed RHP Carlos Sanabria
Lake Country: Signed LHP Carlos D. Diaz and INF Demetrius Sims
Lincoln: Signed OF Nick Anderson and LHP Tanner Brown
Milwaukee: Signed INF Miguel Gómez
Sioux Falls: Released INF Angelo Altavilla
Winnipeg: Traded RHP Freisis Adames and LHP Alex Hart to Sussex County (Frontier League) for LHP Rob Klinchock
Winnipeg: Traded RHP Jhon Vargas to Evansville (Frontier League) for INF Andy Armstrong
Winnipeg: Signed INF Andy Armstrong

March 3, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Kevin McGovern and INF Leobaldo Piña
Sioux Falls: Signed OF Wyatt Ulrich
Winnipeg: Signed OF Tra Holmes and LHP Travis Seabrooke
Winnipeg: Released INF Ian Sagdal

March 2, 2023

Kane County: Signed INF Pete Kozma
Kansas City: Signed INF Gio Brusa

February 28, 2023

Cleburne: Signed INF Ryan Hernandez
Cleburne: Released INF Kacy Clemens and RHP Alejandro Requena
Lake Country: Returned the contract of LHP Kyle Lobstein to Tijuana (Mexican League)
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Ryan Zimmerman

February 27, 2023

Chicago: Signed OF Brennan Metzger
Gary SouthShore: Signed OF Dorssys Paulino
Kansas City: Signed LHP Dalton Moats
Lake Country: Signed LHP Mason Feole
Milwaukee: Signed INF Drew Ward

February 24, 2023

Kansas City: Released OF Dylan Harris and LHP Lewis Thorpe

February 23, 2023

Chicago: Signed RHP Jonathan Cheshire
Fargo-Moorhead: Traded INF Drew Ward to Milwaukee for INF Correlle Prime
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Jacob Harsany and C Andrés Noriega
Kansas City: Signed RHP Ruben Garcia
Lake Country: Signed LHP JJ Santa Cruz
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Juan Echevarria and RHP Jose Fuentes
Sioux Falls: Claimed RHP D.J. Sharabi off waivers from Milwaukee 
Sioux City: Signed OF Eury Pérez

February 22, 2023

Chicago: Released OF Eric Rivera
Kansas City: Signed LHP Zach Matson
Lincoln: Signed RHP Walter Borkovich
Sioux City: Traded RHP Jose Fuentes to Milwaukee to complete two previous transactions
Sioux City: Signed OF Jake Sanford
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Mitchell Walters
Sioux Falls: Traded RHP Matt Dunaway and RHP Nate Garkow to Gateway (Frontier League) for INF Trevor Achenbach and future considerations

February 21, 2023

Cleburne: Signed INF José Sermo
Kansas City: Signed RHP Jackson McClelland
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Israel Cruz

February 20, 2023

Chicago: Traded LHP Elijah Gill to Tri-City (Frontier League) for INF Brad Zunica
Chicago: Signed INF Josh Altmann
Chicago: INF Grant Kay signed with Dos Laredos (Mexican League)
Cleburne: Signed OF Mark Karaviotis
Kane County: Signed RHP C.J. Carter
Lake Country: Signed OF Pat Adams and INF Marcus Chiu
Lincoln: Signed RHP Nic Laio
Milwaukee: Signed INF Delvin Zinn
Milwaukee: RHP Rodrigo Benoit signed with Durango (Mexican League)
Sioux City: Released INF Zack Cone
Sioux City OF Danny Amaral signed with Monclova (Mexican League)
Sioux City RHP Thomas McIlraith signed with Unión Laguna (Mexican League)
Sioux City OF Ademar Rifaela signed with Oaxaca (Mexican League)
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Matt Dunaway
Sioux Falls: RHP Stevie Ledesma signed with Monclova (Mexican League)

February 16, 2023

Kane County: Signed RHP Jack Fox and RHP Westin Muir
Kansas City: Signed RHP Zach Kohn
Lake Country: Signed INF Pat DeMarco
Sioux Falls: Released RHP Tyler Garkow

February 15, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Manuel Boscán and RHP Alex DuBord
Kansas City: OF Mallex Smith (signed Jan. 31) signed with Oaxaca (Mexican League)
Kansas City: Signed OF Jacob Robson
Lake Country: RHP Nick Howard (signed Feb. 2) signed with the Atlanta Braves
Lake Country: Acquired LHP Kyle Lobstein via loan from Tijuana (Mexican League)
Winnipeg: Traded LHP Tasker Strobel to York (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Landen Bourassa and OF Najee Gaskins

February 14, 2023

Cleburne: Signed OF Hill Alexander
Lake Country: Signed INF Harrison Smith
Lake Country: Released INF T.J. Bennett, INF Jordan Schaffer and OF Daikan Yoh
Sioux City: Transferred the contract of RHP Max Kuhns to the Philadelphia Phillies
Sioux City: Signed INF Miguel Sierra

February 13, 2023

Chicago: Released C Trent Bauer
Cleburne: Signed OF Zach Nehrir
Kane County:
Signed INF Galli Cribbs Jr.
Kansas City: Signed RHP Ryan Castellini
Lake Country:
Signed LHP Evan Kruczynski and OF Aaron Simmons
Lake Country: Traded LHP Bryan Warzek to Chicago for INF Harrison Smith
Sioux City: Traded LHP Patrick Ledet to Ottawa (Frontier League) for OF Jake Sanford

February 10, 2023

Lincoln: Traded INF Josh Altmann and RHP Jonathan Cheshire to Chicago for two (2) players to be named later
Sioux City: Signed C Jack Kelly

February 9, 2023

Lake Country: Signed LHP Robert Gonzalez, LHP Tyler Pikeand RHP Greg Veliz
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Luis A. Ramirez

February 8, 2023

Cleburne: Released LHP Hunter Cervenka
Lake Country: Signed RHP Austin Faith
Sioux Falls: Released OF Connor Blair and C John Nester

February 7, 2023

Lake Country: Acquired RHP Austin Faith from Tri-City (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Lake Country: Released INF Manuel Blanco, RHP Takoda Metoxen and RHP Cyrillo Watson
Lincoln: Signed INF Nate Samson

February 6, 2023

Lake Country: Signed OF Lamar Briggs
Sioux City: Traded INF Gabe Snyder to Ottawa (Frontier League) for LHP Kevin Escorcia
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Colby Wyatt
Winnipeg: Traded RHP Zac Ryan to Gateway (Frontier League) for OF Adan Fernandez
Winnipeg: Traded OF Adan Fernandez and RHP Alex Manasa to Québec (Frontier League) for RHP Samuel Adames
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Samuel Adames

February 3, 2023

Chicago: Released OF Charlie Tilson and INF Stevie Wilkerson
Milwaukee: Released RHP Jake Matthys
Winnipeg: Signed INF Dayson Croes, INF Jordan Howard and OF Javeyan Williams

February 2, 2023

Chicago: Signed RHP Tyler Palm
Lake Country: Signed RHP Nick Howard and INF Ashton McGee
Milwaukee: Signed LHP Bryan Peña

February 1, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Transferred the contract of RHP Joe Jones to the Boston Red Sox

January 31, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Brendan Knoll and LHP Peyton Wigginton
Kansas City: Signed OF Mallex Smith
Winnipeg: Signed OF Max Murphy

January 30, 2023

Cleburne: Signed LHP Miguel Ausua and INF Santiago Rincón
Gary SouthShore: Signed INF Victor Nova and RHP Julio Vivas
Lincoln: Signed RHP Matt Cronin
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Christian Johnson

January 27, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Sam Dexter
Gary SouthShore: Signed INF Sam Abbott, OF LG Castillo, RHP Edward Cuello, LHP Jack Eisenbarger, LHP Chris Erwin, RHP Harrison Francis, INF Sherman Graves, C Thomas Greely, INF Daniel Lingua, OF Lester Madden, RHP Yeison Medina, RHP Aaron Phillips, RHP Jared Price, RHP Reyson Santos, RHP John Sheaks and INF Michael Woodworth
Kane County: Released RHP Jake Stevenson

January 26, 2023

Chicago: Released INF Connor Kopach
Lincoln: Signed RHP Ben Terwilliger
Milwaukee: Released C Christ Conley
Winnipeg: Traded OF Reggie Pruitt Jr. to Milwaukee to complete a previous transaction
Winnipeg: Signed C Hidekel Gonzalez and C Jackson Smith

January 25, 2023

Sioux Falls: Signed C Shamoy Christopher and RHP Charlie Hasty

January 24, 2023

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Davis Feldman and LHP Tyler Grauer
Lake Country: Transferred the contract of OF Jake Snider to the Colorado Rockies
Sioux City: Signed INF Malek Bolin, LHP Mike Esposito, Cristian Lopez and INF Daniel Perez
Winnipeg: Transferred the contract of RHP Will McAffer to the Kansas City Royals

January 23, 2023

Cleburne: Released RHP Nick Gardewine
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Evan Alexander, RHP Reid Burlingmair, INF Nick Novak, OF Alec Olund and LHP Brady Stover
Lake Country: Signed INF Jake Plastiak

January 20, 2023

Gary SouthShore: Traded LHP Jaylen Smith to Grand Junction (Pioneer League) for a player to be named later
Sioux City: Claimed INF Casey Gillaspie off waivers from Kansas City
Lincoln: Released C Skyler Weber
Lincoln: Signed RHP Zach Keenan
Milwaukee: Signed LHP Jack Mahoney

January 19, 2023

Chicago: Released OF Anfernee Grier and LHP Tanner Lawson
Milwaukee: Signed RHP A.J. Jones and RHP Christian Young

January 18, 2023

Cleburne: Signed RHP Travis Perry
Chicago: Signed INF Matt Bottcher and RHP Ryan O’Reilly
Kansas City: Signed RHP Alex Valdez
Lake Country: Signed RHP Conor Fisk
Milwaukee: Claimed OF Michael Crouse off waivers from Winnipeg
Sioux Falls: Released LHP Cesilio Pimentel
Winnipeg: Released C Deon Stafford Jr. and RHP Paul Schwendel

January 17, 2023

Cleburne: Signed RHP Kevin Hilton
Lincoln: Signed RHP Zach St. Pierre
Sioux City: Signed RHP Luis Pena

January 16, 2023

Cleburne: Released RHP Landon Holifield
Lincoln: Signed LHP John Bezdicek

January 13, 2023

Lake Country: Signed RHP Keisy Portorreal

January 12, 2023

Cleburne: Released OF Oswaldo Arcia, RHP Bryan Brickhouse, RHP Jordan Foley and OF Chuck Taylor
Fargo-Moorhead: Released C Christian Correa

January 11, 2023

Cleburne: Signed INF Edwin Arroyo
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Eric Ezersky and C Ben Livorsi
Lake Country: Signed OF Casey Dykstra
Lincoln: Signed RHP Carson Lance

January 10, 2023

Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Matt Leon
Sioux Falls: Signed OF Mike Hart

January 9, 2023

Lincoln: Signed C Luke Roskam

January 6, 2023

Chicago: Acquired RHP Ryan O’Reilly from Evansville (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Chicago: Acquired INF Matt Bottcher from Schaumburg (Frontier League) to complete a previous transaction
Gary SouthShore: Traded INF Thomas Walraven to New York (Frontier League) for RHP Matt Leon
Lincoln: Signed LHP David Zoz

January 4, 2023

Lincoln: Signed INF Drew Devine

January 3, 2023

Cleburne: Signed OF Gersel Pitre and INF Engelb Vielma