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2021 Transactions

May 14, 2021

Chicago: Added RHP Dan Kubiuk as a non-roster invitee to training camp
Fargo-Moorhead: Released LHP Stephen Greenlees, LHP Cam Hatch and INF Dylan Tice
Kane County: Signed RHP Kacy Clemens
Winnipeg: Transferred the contract of INF Alexis Pantoja to the Arizona Diamondbacks

May 13, 2021

Chicago: Transferred the contract of INF Joey Terdoslavich to Monterrey (Mexican League)
Gary SouthShore: Removed C Bronson Butcher and C Josh Mosley from the training camp roster
Gary SouthShore: Added INF Ben Andrews and RHP Nick Garcia as a non-roster invitees to training camp
Kane County: Signed RHP Jack Fox
Milwaukee: Removed INF Jeremiah Burks from the training camp roster
Milwaukee: Claimed INF Liam Scafariello off waivers from Winnipeg

May 12, 2021

Cleburne: Signed RHP Domingo Jimenez
Gary SouthShore: Signed INF/RHP Daniel Lingua
Kane County: Transferred the contract of INF Sherman Johnson to the Minnesota Twins
Milwaukee: Transferred the contract of RHP Brandon Koch to the Minnesota Twins
Sioux Falls: Added INF Ed Reichenbach as a non-roster invitee to training camp
Sioux Falls: Transferred the contract of OF Clint Coulter to the St. Louis Cardinals

May 11, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Released C Jesse Wilkening
Milwaukee: Added INF Jeremiah Burks as a non-roster invitee to training camp
Sioux City: Signed RHP Matt Pobereyko and INF Logan Tolbert

May 10, 2021

Cleburne: Signed RHP Maverik Buffo, RHP Jacob Garcia and RHP Isaac Sanchez
Gary SouthShore: Added C Bronson Butcher, LHP Quinton Logan, C Josh Mosley, RHP Kristian Scott as non-roster invitees to training camp.
Milwaukee: Transferred the contract of RHP Conor Fisk to the Colorado Rockies
Sioux City: Placed LHP Jairo Labourt and RHP Carlos Sierra on the Reserve List

May 9, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Placed RHP Jumpei Akanuma, LHP Kevin Escorcia, RHP Sandy Lugo, INF Jose Mercado, INF Kirvin Moesquit, INF Ryosuke Ohashi and INF Katsuya Senoo on the Reserve List
Gary SouthShore: Signed OF Jesus Marriaga and INF Michael Woodworth
Gary SouthShore: Added OF Lamar Briggs and OF Zach Welz as non-roster invitees to training camp.
Winnipeg: Transferred the contract of RHP Josh Lucas to the Arizona Diamondbacks

May 8, 2021

Milwaukee: Transferred the contract of RHP A.J. Schugel to the New York Mets
Sioux Falls: RHP D.J. Sharabi is playing out his option in 2021

May 7, 2021

Chicago: Signed C Dustin DeMars
Cleburne: Signed RHP Kyle Chavez, RHP Nick Gardewine, RHP Bryan Saucedo and INF Chase Simpson
Kane County: Released RHP Ryan Williams
Kansas City: Signed C David Noworyta
Milwaukee: Placed INF Miguel Gomez on the Reserve List
Sioux City: Signed RHP Samson Abernathy, INF Chris Clare,and OF Joseph Monge
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Tyler Garkow and INF Nick Gotta
Winnipeg: Signed INF Wes Darvill and placed him on the Inactive List to participate with Team Canada at the WSBC Baseball Americas Qualifier

May 6, 2021

Chicago: Released INF Edwin Arroyo
Fargo-Moorhead: Transferred the contract of RHP Frank Duncan to the Colorado Rockies
Gary SouthShore: Transferred the contract of RHP Nolan Clenney to the Milwaukee Brewers
Kane County: Signed RHP Tom Curtin
Kansas City: Signed INF Casey Gillaspie
Lincoln: Added INF Omar Artsen as a non-roster invitee to training camp
Sioux City: Transferred the contract of RHP Matt Pobereyko to Puebla (Mexican League)
Sioux City: Transferred the contract of RHP Kent Hasler to the Milwaukee Brewers
Sioux City: Placed OF Eury Perez on the Inactive List
Sioux Falls: Added RHP Eddie Medina as a non-roster invitee to training camp

May 5, 2021

Kane County: Signed OF Anthony Ray
Sioux City: Transferred the contract of INF D.J. Burt to the Arizona Diamondbacks
Winnipeg: Transferred the contract of RHP Ryan Dull to the Seattle Mariners

May 4, 2021

Chicago: RHP Nolan Riggs (signed March 21) signed with the Houston Astros
Kane County: Claimed RHP Ryan Williams off waivers from Fargo-Moorhead.
Kansas City: Signed RHP Robinson Martinez
Sioux City: Acquired INF Chris Clare from Schaumburg (Frontier League) for future considerations
Sioux Falls: Released RHP Tyler Herron

May 3, 2021

Chicago: Signed LHP Kevin Marnon and RHP Andrew Stout
Kane County: Acquired RHP Scott Harkin from Puebla (Mexican League) via loan
Kane County: Signed RHP Scott Harkin and LHP Josh Tols
Kansas City: Signed RHP Dylan Baker
Lincoln: Placed C Sicnarf Loopstok and INF Rando Moreno on the Reserve List
Lincoln: Signed INF David Vidal
Sioux Falls: Added INF Mitch Glasser as a non-roster invitee to training camp
Winnipeg: Signed LHP Travis Seabrooke

April 30, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Claimed OF Javion Randle off waivers from Gary SouthShore
Fargo-Moorhead: Released RHP Bradin Hagens
Gary SouthShore: Released LHP Ryan Thurston and INF Thomas Walraven
Kansas City: Signed OF Colin Willis
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Eduard Reyes

April 29, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Nick Shumpert
Kane County: Signed INF Mitch Reeves
Kansas City: RHP Alex Powers (signed March 16) signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks
Winnipeg: Released C Lucas Herbert

April 28, 2021

Chicago: Placed INF Gustavo Pierre on the Reserve List
Fargo-Moorhead: Released OF Jacob Crum
Lincoln: Signed INF Luis Roman
Sioux City: Released RHP Paul Voelker
Sioux City: Acquired RHP Xavier Altamirano from Dos Laredos (Mexican League) via loan
Sioux City: Signed RHP Xavier Altamirano and RHP Zach Hedges

April 27, 2021

Kane County: Signed C Cody Young
Kansas City: Signed INF Nick Franklin
Lincoln: Signed RHP James Pugliese

April 26, 2021

Chicago: RHP Jonathan Cheshire (signed March 8) signed with the Minnesota Twins
Chicago: Signed INF Gustavo Pierre
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Gage Hinsz
Kane County: Signed LHP Kyle Huckaby and RHP Vance Worley
Kansas City: INF Christian Colón (signed February 3) signed with the Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City: RHP Zach Matson (signed April 2) signed with the Colorado Rockies
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Matthias Dietz

April 23, 2021

Kane County: OF Anthony Garcia (signed March 19) signed with Guadalajara (Mexican League)
Kane County: Signed INF Brandon Chinea

April 22, 2021

Kane County: Acquired C B.J. Lopez from Tri-City (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Kane County: Signed C B.J. Lopez

April 21, 2021

Lincoln: Signed INF Louis Martini
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Kyle Thomas
Winnipeg: Traded LHP Gunnar Kines and RHP Cody Mincey to Ottawa (Frontier League) to complete an earlier trade

April 19, 2021

Chicago: Signed INF Cosimo Cannella
Winnipeg: Acquired LHP Gunnar Kines and RHP Cody Mincey from Ottawa (Frontier League) for future considerations

April 16, 2021

Lincoln: Signed RHP John Richy

April 15, 2021

Sioux City: Signed INF D.J. Burt and C Mitch Ghelfi
Sioux Falls: Released RHP Ryan Fritze,  RHP Keaton Steele and LHP Jake Zokan

April 14, 2021

Kansas City: RHP Jose Mesa Jr. (signed March 9) signed with the Miami Marlins

April 13, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Tyler Ferguson
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Frank Duncan
Winnipeg: Released RHP Eduard Reyes

April 9, 2021

Sioux City: Signed INF Jose Sermo

April 8, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Jacob Crum
Kane County: Signed RHP Jamal Wade
Kansas City: Traded OF Ty Kelly to Long Island (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later
Sioux Falls: Released INF Zane Gurwitz
Sioux Falls: Signed INF Trey Michalczewski

April 7, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF John Silviano

April 6, 2021

Chicago: Signed C Ryan Lidge
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Cam Hatch, RHP Brent Jones and INF Correlle Prime
Fargo-Moorhead: Acquired OF Jacob Crum from Missoula (Pioneer League) for two (2) players to be named later
Lincoln: INF Kyle Kasser (signed November 11) signed with the Los Angeles Angels
Sioux City: Signed RHP Kent Hasler and LHP Jose Velez

April 5, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Malky Mena
Kansas City: Signed OF Gabby Guerrero
Sioux Falls: Signed C Clint Coulter and RHP Charlie Hasty

April 2, 2021

Cleburne: Signed INF Tyler Ryan
Kansas City: Signed LHP Zach Matson
Sioux City: Signed RHP Tyler Beardsley and INF Jared Walker

April 1, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Jonathon Crawford and OF Brennan Metzger
Lincoln: Released INF Zach Wilson

March 31, 2021

Cleburne: Signed LHP Mason Melotakis

March 30, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Scott Firth
Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Caleb Frare

March 29, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Jordan Kipper and OF Danny Mars
Cleburne: Signed RHP Michael Mariot
Sioux Falls: LHP Koltan Ingram (signed January 29) signed with the Los Angeles Angels

March 26, 2021

Sioux City: Signed INF Nate Samson

March 25, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Acquired C Manuel Boscan from Milwaukee for two (2) players to be named later
Sioux Falls: Released RHP Nicco Blank

March 24, 2021

Cleburne: RHP Tyler Wilson is playing out his option in 2021
Cleburne: Signed OF Hunter Clanin
Kane County: Signed INF Sherman Johnson
Sioux City: Signed RHP Brandon Brosher and RHP Dylan Hecht
Winnipeg: Traded OF Willy Garcia to Schaumburg (Frontier League) for a player to be named later

March 22, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Nolan Riggs
Cleburne: Signed LHP Michael Gunn, RHP Landon Holifield and INF Colton Pogue
Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Gregori Vasquez
Kane County: Signed RHP Jake Cosart and RHP Tyler Viza
Milwaukee: Signed INF David Washington
Winnipeg: Signed INF Dakota Conners, C Zack Costello, INF Raul Navarro and RHP Cory Thompson
Winnipeg: Traded RHP Mike Devine to Southern Maryland (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later

March 19, 2021

Kane County: Acquired INF Josh Allen from Evansville (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Kane County: Signed OF Anthony Garcia
Milwaukee: Released RHP Ryan Kussmaul

March 18, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Jumpei Akanuma

March 17, 2021

Chicago: Signed OF Anfernee Grier
Winnipeg: RHP Sam Hellinger (signed March 11) signed with the Cincinnati Reds

March 16, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Traded INF Jay Prather to Gateway (Frontier League) for LHP Cole Cook
Kansas City: Signed RHP Alex Powers
Milwaukee: Signed LHP David Holmberg
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Trevor Simms

March 15, 2021

Chicago: Signed OF Michael Crouse
Fargo-Moorhead: Traded C Zach Almond to Missoula (Pioneer League) for cash
Gary SouthShore: Signed INF Jose Mercado, INF Kirvin Moesquit, INF Ryosuke Ohashi and INF Katsuya Senoo
Gary SouthShore: Released OF Hunter Cullen
Kansas City: Traded RHP Frank Duncan to Fargo-Moorhead future considerations and cash

March 12, 2021

Cleburne: Signed RHP Logan Verrett
Gary SouthShore: Signed INF Jay Prather and INF Nikola Vasic
Kansas City: Signed OF Johnny Field

March 11, 2021

Winnipeg: Signed RHP Sam Hellinger

March 10, 2021

Chicago: Signed INF Johnny Adams and INF K.C. Hobson
Cleburne: Signed INF Grant Buck
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Angel Ventura
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Joey Gonzalez

March 9, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Jonathan Cheshire, C Ryan Haug and LHP Jeff Kinley
Kansas City: Signed RHP Jose Mesa Jr.
Sioux City: Acquired RHP Tyler Beardsley from Evansville (Frontier League) for INF Josh Allen

March 8, 2021

Cleburne: Signed RHP Garrett Alexander
Kane County: Signed OF Jeffrey Baez and INF Galli Cribbs Jr.
Kansas City: Signed RHP Justin Shafer

March 5, 2021

Cleburne: Signed LHP Nathan Foriest
Fargo-Moorhead: Released LHP Kory Behanna
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed C Kevin Krause
Kansas City: Transferred the contract of C Roy Morales to the Minnesota Twins
Sioux City: Signed LHP Brett Adcock and RHP Matt Quintana
Sioux Falls: Signed INF Angelo Altavilla and RHP Carlos Pimentel

March 4, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Michael Bowden
Kane County: Signed INF Nick Zammerelli
Lincoln: Signed LHP Jason Seever
Winnipeg: Signed OF Willy Garcia

March 3, 2021

Cleburne: Signed OF Noah Vaughan
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Sam Dexter
Kane County: Signed OF Mark Karaviotis and OF Anfernee Seymour
Sioux Falls: Transferred the contract of INF Damek Tomscha to the Minnesota Twins

March 2, 2021

Chicago: Signed INF Joey Terdoslavich
Lincoln: Signed INF Skyler Weber

March 1, 2021

Cleburne: Signed INF Ramón Hernández
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Stephen Greenlees
Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Adam Heidenfelder
Milwaukee: Signed OF Adam Brett Walker II

February 26, 2021

Chicago: Signed INF Edwin Arroyo, LHP Jake Dahlberg and INF Harrison Smith
Gary SouthShore: Signed INF Thomas Walraven
Milwaukee: Signed INF Mason Davis
Winnipeg: LHP Jose Jose is playing out his option in 2021

February 25, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Bret Helton and INF Leobaldo Pina
Fargo-Moorhead: Traded OF Michael Lang to Sioux City for RHP Ryan Flores
Kansas City: Signed RHP Zack Weiss

February 24, 2021

Cleburne: Signed INF Alay Lago and INF Osvaldo Martinez
Kansas City: Signed RHP Nick Travieso
Lincoln: Signed RHP Walter Borkovich

February 23, 2021

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Conor Fisk
Sioux Falls: Acquired RHP Angel Ventura from Milwaukee for a player to be named later

February 22, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Kevin McGovern
Kansas City: Transferred the contract of LHP Aaron Brown to the Oakland Athletics
Kansas City: Signed LHP Adam McCreery
Lincoln: Signed LHP Joel Huertas

February 19, 2021

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Matt Solter
Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Ty Culbreth

February 18, 2021

Kansas City: Signed INF Anibal Sierra

February 16, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Tyler Pike
Winnipeg: RHP John Gorman is playing out his option 2021
Winnipeg: Signed INF Alexis Pantoja and C Alfonso Reda

February 15, 2021

Chicago: Acquired OF Danny Mars from Sussex County (Frontier League) for RHP Jalen Miller and a player to be named later
Kansas City: RHP Stetson Allie (signed December 24) signed with the Tampa Bay Rays
Kansas City: Signed RHP Kevin Lenik
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Karch Kowalczyk

February 12, 2021

Winnipeg: INF Kevin Lachance is playing out his option 2021

February 11, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Garrett Christman
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Myles Smith
Sioux City: RHP Karsen Lindell (signed January 20) has signed with the Cincinnati Reds
Sioux City: Signed RHP Ryan Flores and RHP Joe Riley
Sioux Falls: Signed C Charlie Valerio
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Christian James and RHP Justin Watland

February 10, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Signed C Jesse Wilkening
Kansas City: Signed INF Christian Colón
Lincoln: Signed INF Curt Smith
Milwaukee: Acquired RHP Angel Ventura from Gateway (Frontier League) to complete and earlier transaction

February 9, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Justin Goossen-Brown, INF Grant Kay and RHP Paul Schwendel
Fargo-Moorhead: Acquired LHP Cam Hatch from Sussex County (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Alex Boxwell and RHP Michael Hope
Milwaukee: Signed C Christian Correa and RHP A.J. Schugel
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Nate Antone and LHP Ken Frosch

February 8, 2021

Gary SouthShore: RHP Dugan Darnell (signed October 28) has signed with the Colorado Rockies
Kansas City: Signed INF Morgan McCullough
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Zach Hartman
Milwaukee: Traded RHP Angel Ventura to Gateway (Frontier League) for a player to be named later

February 5, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Trace Loehr
Gary SouthShore: Signed OF Billy Cooke

February 4, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Greg Harris

February 3, 2021

Milwaukee: Signed OF Brett Vertigan

February 2, 2021

Chicago: Released OF Victor Roache
Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Jordan George
Gary SouthShore: Signed LHP Ryan Thurston
Milwaukee: Signed C Manuel Boscan and INF Miguel Gomez
Winnipeg: Signed OF Jay Gonzalez, OF Logan Hill and LHP Mitch Lambson

February 1, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Blake Rogers
Kansas City: Traded RHP Erik Manoah Jr. and INF Keaton Weisz to Tri-City (Frontier League) for two (2) players to be named later
Kansas City: Signed INF Kevin Santa

January 29, 2021

Cleburne: Signed OF Zach Nehrir
Fargo-Moorhead: Transferred the contract of INF Drew Ward (LS-4) to the Detroit Tigers
Kansas City: Signed INF Darnell Sweeney
Sioux City: Signed RHP Nick Belzer
Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Kolton Ingram and RHP Jackson Maynard

January 28, 2021

Kansas City: Signed INF Ty Kelly
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Ty Hensley

January 27, 2021

Cleburne: Signed C John Nester
Lincoln: Signed RHP Johnny Barbato

January 26, 2021

Kansas City: Signed INF Will Kengor
Kansas City: Traded OF Chuck Taylor to Sussex County (Frontier League) for a player to be named later
Milwaukee: Signed INF Logan Trowbridge

January 25, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed C Zach Almond and RHP Kevin Herget
Fargo-Moorhead: Traded INF Trey Hair to Sussex County (Frontier League) for RHP Michael Hope
Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Sandy Lugo and INF Hayden Schilling
Fargo-Moorhead: Claimed INF Dylan Tice (LS-3) of waivers from Kansas City
Kansas City: Released OF Jordan George
Kansas City: Signed OF Jan Hernandez
Lincoln: Released RHP Dallas Beeler
Milwaukee: RHP Jake Matthys is playing out his option in 2021
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Grady Wood

January 22, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Austin Ver Steeg
Kansas City: Signed INF Gavin LaValley
Winnipeg: Signed C Lucas Herbert, OF Tyler Hill and OF Max Murphy

January 21, 2021

Milwaukee: Transferred the contract of C Chris Chinea to the Miami Marlins.
Sioux City: Released INF Rhett Aplin
Sioux Falls: Signed OF Logan Landon

January 20, 2021

Cleburne: Released RHP Alex Boshers
Gary SouthShore: Signed OF Hunter Cullen and LHP Trevor Lubking
Kansas City: Signed LHP Eric Stout
Sioux City: Signed RHP Karsen Lindell
Sioux Falls: Released INF Ryan Brett
Sioux Falls: Signed OF Troy Alexander and OF Jabari Henry
Winnipeg: Signed RHP Ryan Dull, RHP Josh Lucas and INF Kyle Martin

January 19, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Juan Echevarria
Kansas City: Signed OF Ryan Grotjohn
Sioux City: Signed INF Josh Allen
Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Kevin Folman

January 18, 2021

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Brandon Koch and RHP Ryan Zimmerman
Sioux Falls: OF Mike Hart is playing out his option in 2021

January 15, 2021

Kansas City: Traded RHP A.J. Schugel to Milwaukee for cash
Sioux City: Signed RHP Carlos Sierra

January 14, 2021

Sioux Falls: Released LHP Eudis Idrogo, LHP Cesilio Pimentel, INF Gabriel Quintana and INF Alvaro Rondon

January 13, 2021

Fargo-Moorhead: Transferred the contract of LHP Matt Tomshaw to the Chicago White Sox
Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Mark Seyler

January 12, 2021

Winnipeg:  Released RHP Victor Capellan

January 11, 2021

Chicago: Signed RHP Connor Grey
Milwaukee: Signed OF Mikey Reynolds and INF Aaron Hill

January 8, 2021

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Robbie Gordon

January 7, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Signed LHP Kevin Escorcia
Lincoln: Signed INF Ryan Long
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Ryan Newell
Sioux City: Signed INF Rhett Aplin and C Justin Felix

January 6, 2021

Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Jack Alkire

January 5, 2021

Kansas City: Signed RHP Jameson McGrane
Milwaukee: Signed RHP Taylor Ahearn and C Christ Conley