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On Tuesday, the editors of Stadium Journey rated CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints, #28 in their list of the “Top 100 Stadium Experiences of 2016.”

In their reviews, the site’s editors remarked that “there are many different ballparks that open each year in both the affiliated and independent leagues and each and every one of them provide customers with the opportunity to enjoy the game up close and personal. However, there are some ballparks that standout (sic) on their own. CHS Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, may just be in a class all by itself.”

The Saints were the fifth-highest minor-league park on the list, and also ranked higher than all but five MLB stadiums, as well as other well-known venues such as Boston’s Fenway Park, Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Parks are rated on a variety of factors, including food and beverage, atmosphere, surrounding neighborhood, ease of access, and return on investment.

Opened in 2015, the 7,000-seat CHS Field is located in downtown St. Paul, and has helped the Saints to break league attendance records with 404,528 regular-season attendees in 2015 and 413,482 in 2016.

Photo: St. Paul Saints


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