Opening Day Giveaway Terms & Conditions

i. Title

American Association Opening Day Giveaway


ii. No Purchase Necessary

There is no purchase necessary to participate in this promotion.


iii. Promotion Description

The American Association Opening Day Giveaway will take place on American Association Opening Day (Friday, May 13th, 2022). 


As a way to get fans out to our stadiums, we’re giving away 4 tickets or an equivalent value worth of ethereum to one team in each market. In order to participate, fans must go to a game, take a selfie, and post it on social media with the hashtag #AAOpeningDay.


One fan in each market will be selected as a winner in each market and will be contacted via social media direct message to inform them of their prize at which point they’ll choose which option they’d like. 


For any questions, please contact


iv. Eligibility

Everyone attending a game in the American Association on Opening Day is eligible to participate in this promotion.


v. Prizes

One prize will be awarded in each market. Each winner will have the option to choose the 4 tickets or an equivalent value in ethereum based on the value of ethereum at the time of the contest (May 13th, 2022).


We will do our best to get you your prize in a timely fashion and the winner shall do their best to accept the prize. 


vi. How to Enter

Participants can enter by posting an image on social media of them on May 13th, 2022 with the hashtag #AAOpeningDay


vii. Winner Selection

Winners will be selected at random by selecting a random number and then scrolling through the recent posts in TWT, IG, and FB that use the hashtag #AAOpeningDay.


viii. Winner Notification

Winners will be notified via direct message.


ix. Privacy

See American Association Privacy Policy.


x. Limitation of Liability

The league will do its best to deliver the 4 tickets or ethereum to fans per our terms and conditions. Likewise, participants are obligated to do their best to accept/receive their prize if they end up winning.


The league is not liable for any team Opening Day campaigns or giveaways that aren’t directly connected to this campaign.


xi. Social Network Disclaimers

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social platforms are not liable for anything connected to this campaign. What the platforms do is entirely up to them and is not influenced by the American Association in any way.


xii. Winner List

The winners for each market will be listed on the American Association website.


xiii. Sponsor

There are no sponsors for this campaign.


xiv. Administrator

This campaign is being run by the league office of the American Association.