📊 Introducing “Inside The Association: Advanced Stats”

“Inside The Association: Advanced Stats” is a new content type being brought to life by Winnipeg Goldeyes Broadcaster Steve Schuster (@growcasting) and American Association Insider Carter Woodiel (@CarterWoodiel) focused on the advanced statistics that are happening on the field #InsideTheAssociation
This first segment is an in-depth look at Two Strike Hitting that unveils who’s dominating in the batter’s box when everything is on the line and why this is an important metric to follow as a coach, player, or fan.
Being ahead in the count is important for pitchers and hitters alike and guys like Manuel Boscan and Kevin Krause as well as some outliers like Aaron Takacs and Michael Woodworth are making it happen late in the count. 
It’s important to put into context that the league average in a two-strike situation was .187, so guys that are hitting above .200 when they’re behind in the count are actually above average compared to their counterparts. 
As we look into 2022 advanced stats like this are going to become a much more important “tool in the toolbox” for our players and coaches as they plan to get out there and compete on the field. The two-strike average is the perfect hybrid between old-school baseball and advanced analytics. 
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