🏟 Which Stadium in the American Association Allows the Most Home Runs?

“Inside The Association: Advanced Stats” is a new series being brought to life by Winnipeg Goldeyes Broadcaster Steve Schuster (@growcasting) and American Association Insider Carter Woodiel (@CarterWoodiel) focused on the advanced statistics that are happening on the field #InsideTheAssociation.Β 


EP 2 brings us into every stadium across the AAPB and uncovers the pitchers’ paradises and batters playgrounds by unpacking a few metrics collectively called Park Factors. These metrics convey how the ballpark that you’re playing in affects the baseball that’s being played.


U.S. Steel Yard Park Factors


League-wide park factors are important because they impact how a manager builds their team and how a visiting team plays against you at home. The metric itself is actually quite simple. It aggregates a few offensive and defensive statistics and compares them relative to the rest of the league. You can track HRs, 2Bs, 3Bs, etc. and scale them to the rest of the league. The league average is 100 and then however much above or below average a particular team is in a certain category indicates what percentage above or below the average they are for that particular metric.


For example, Haymarket Park (LIN) in 2021 had a Home Run Factor of 118 indicating that Haymarket Park allowed 18% more HRs compared to the league average.




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