πŸ† The Greatest American Association Player of All-Time

“Inside The Association: Advanced Stats” is a new series being brought to life by Winnipeg Goldeyes Broadcaster Steve Schuster (@growcasting) and American Association Insider Carter Woodiel (@CarterWoodiel) focused on the advanced statistics that are happening on the field #InsideTheAssociation.Β 

EP 4 is a breakdown of the G.O.A.T. ‘s based on W.A.R. Carter and Steve take a look at a metric called Wins Above Replacement to determine who are the greatest players and pitchers of all-time. Record breakers, unsung heroes, and undervalued players all found their way onto the leaderboard of some of the best American Association players ever.

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Who do you think is the Greatest American Association Player of all-time?

πŸ€” McGovern, Abercrombie, Mittelstaedt, Moore?

Find out in this week’s episode of #InsideTheAssociation below πŸ‘‡


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